Monday, November 05, 2012

...and so she left

I raised my voice and I thundered through red horizons, calling all my waters back home.
Come back yellow rivers! Change your courses and flow back to me! Take the way backwards on the same roads you once flooded this unworthy desert ! Withdraw each drop of green you blessed these valleys . Let all oases dry, suck in the sap of cactuses, for they have bloomed your blood and poured it on your waters, poisoning your fish!

Take back your chill and freshness, take back the starry night reflected in your mirrors, take back the sparkle and take back the life! Take it all back! Because this world it is no more yours than it was Vincent's !

This ungrateful soil does not deserve your gift, for it has disrespected you by spilling its dirt and ignorance into your brightness, then stained your crystal clear with its careless thirst of mud.

I call home all my waters , like a mother calling her babies to be sucked back into her cosy uterus. Back from where it all begun one day...That day! The day that will be soon forgotten, buried all in darkest depths, where even I can't fallow!

Come all back, my sweet waters! Erase all traces of your transit, let nothing to remember of your presence once, on these ingrate lands. Let it all dry behind you! Do not look back! Let it burn! Let it die, for it does not deserves to be kept alive.

Come home and then stay still in resignation. Embrace the silence!
Froze your surface! Lock your starfishes, mermaids and seahorses under the healing oblivion.

It will be quiet soon, but promise me, from now you'll never flow in dry lands nor show your wonders to blind eyes !


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